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No, you can’t. your laptop doesn’t support to higher resolution. But you can via HDMI cable to external monitor. David Vanderschel, Polymath with PhD in math. Knowledgeable about computer internals Answered 5 years ago · Author has K answers and M answer views. Below, you’ll find three ways to increase your screen’s resolution to × Method 1: When Screen Resolution × Is Available. Once you’re on the Settings page, following these steps: Click on the Display settings on the right-hand side. It’s the first option. In the Display settings, look for the Resolution menu. Aug 10,  · If I open Settings app > System > Display > I get this to highlight either monitor to change either one. This is in extended mode. Some settings get greyed out depending on highlighted monitor. Tutorial on the subject: Change Screen Resolution of Display in Windows 10 Windows 10 Customization Tutorials.

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› questions › can-i-replace-my-laptop-screen-with-another-. c) can be supported by your GPU. Some laptop models cannot be upgraded due to form factor so keep that in mind. Click to expand I. In the Display resolution row, select the list and choose an option. It’s usually best to stick with the one that’s marked (Recommended). Monitors can.