Epoxy Floor Paint For A Great Looking Garage Floor

You finally found the time to clean out your garage! All the tools are hanging on a neatly outlined pegboard, paint tins are packed away in labeled cabinets and the floor space is clean and clear. But there is something lacking as you look at the dirty, oily concrete slab that has now been exposed in all its ugly glory. What is needed as a finishing touch on the project is a shiny, colorful epoxy coating on the floor to complete the clean-up and brighten up the whole area.

You can transform your concrete garage floor from dull and dirty to resemble a brilliant auto showroom floor over one weekend with a durable, quality and colorful epoxy floor coating.

An epoxy floor finish is tough, long-lasting and resists oil and grease as well as any other substance that would ruin ordinary floor paint. It is easy to keep clean and will stay looking attractive for many years. Epoxy floor paint has a shiny, smooth finish that resists water and oil stains and wipes clean like a kitchen counter-top.

The use of color chips will hide unsightly imperfections on the concrete surface and anti-skid additives make the floor slip-proof.
Epoxy floor paint kits include an etching solution and color fleck additives which can be ordered in additional amounts should more be required.

All it takes is to sweep the dirt off the floor and paint the epoxy onto the surface of the prepared concrete, and your garage will, at last, be a space worth driving into and to show off.

However, you will need to evaluate the floor of your garage, because not all concrete surfaces will hold an epoxy coating, and may have to be specially prepared before proceeding to paint it. As with all painting projects, success relies on good preparation.

Once you have assessed the condition of the floor, you may have to follow the paint manufacturer’s directions on exactly how to clean and etch the surface before applying the epoxy floor paint. A correctly applied epoxy finish will handle oil spills, car, and human traffic, chemicals and scrapes better than other paints or stains.

To determine the amount you will need, measure the square footage of your garage floor, then check the coating and coverage recommendations from the manufacturer. Clear Epoxy Top Coat comes in a separate kit including anti-skid granules.

Turn your garage floors Chattanooga space into a showroom piece to be proud of this weekend, and enjoy the durable benefits for years to come.