How To Epoxy Garage Floor

Step By Step How To Epoxy Garage Floor

If you have decided to epoxy your garage floor, remember that good preparation will ensure the success of any painting job. If you follow the step-by-step directions below on how to epoxy garage floor, you will be able to transform your garage floor from a bare, dirty concrete surface to a shiny, colorful epoxy coated floor in the space of one long weekend.


Tools for the Project

Have the following tools lined up and ready for use before starting your epoxy painting project – this will save you time and frustration later on…
• Paintbrush
• Paint roller
• Wet and Dry Vacuum cleaner
• Wheelbarrow
• Power scrubber ( can be rented)
• Brush with stiff bristles
• Organic acid/vapor respirator
• Rubber Boots
• Rubber Gloves
• Safety Glasses

List of Materials for the Project

Avoid last-minute shopping trips by shopping ahead of time for all required materials, this will avoid last-minute dashes to the store..
• Cleaner and degreasing fluid
• Muriatic acid
Epoxy filler
• Epoxy paint in the color of your choice
• Non-skid additive



1. Evaluate the condition of your garage floor and determine how much cleaning of the surface you will have to do and which technique to use.
2. Vacuum the surface to rid it of all dust
3. Remove all oil spots and grease
4. Do etching with a mild acid, scrub and rinse (a lot) until the surface is clean


1. Fill in any cracks using the epoxy paint filler
2. Apply the first coat of epoxy coating, using a cutting in technique
3. Allow it to dry until the next day, but in any case for a minimum of 16 hours (epoxy products may vary in directions, so check the manufacturer’s guidelines).


1. Apply a second coat of epoxy paint, adding a non-skid to the epoxy, especially if snow and moisture will be dragged into the garage by vehicles, and to safeguard you and family members from slipping and accidents.
2. Repeat the “cutting in” and painting as for the previous day.
3. Leave to dry for an additional 16 hours (or according to label directions) after painting before walking on the surface. Do not park cars on the surface for at least a week. A full cure for an epoxy painted floor takes up to one month.

Epoxy paint is tough, and a long-lasting coating for covering concrete floors. It is resistant to grease and oil, as well as other substances that could ruin ordinary paint surfaces. As it is easy to keep clean, your new garage floor will remain sparkling clean and bright for years.