Polished Concrete Flooring

Polished concrete flooring is already widely used in many homes, garages and workplaces.  How Polished Concrete Flooring works is Concrete flooring is usually grounded using diamond grinding cup wheels grits and diamond polishing pads.  There are certain levels of grits being followed to consider the concrete flooring polished.  The level of grit should range from eight hundred to three thousand.  Chemical treatments are also applied to make the floor looks shinier.  Different chemicals such as stains and dyes are normally applied to the surface in order to enhance the polished concrete.  The floor will also be enhanced by adding other options such as, borders, bands, grids, creating radial lines, scoring, as well as any other design.

Polished concrete flooring has many different benefits and it is considered as a good and sustainable design for flooring option.  This utilizes the use of materials which are already there, the concrete toppings. Today, most of the modern buildings that may be residential or commercial are often built on a slab of concrete. Many architectural designs give utmost consideration in utilizing the concrete toppings. Polishing this exposed concrete can give much savings on spending some funds for tiles or any other floor covering.  It also makes the project finish earlier.

Polished Concrete Flooring Benefits

Aside from time and money savings, polished concrete flooring is also capable of reducing dust mites as well as other allergen problems.  This does not support the growth of mold. Polished Concrete Flooring is also low maintenance since they prove to be much more durable as well as much easier to clean than most of the other types of flooring.  Cleaning Polished Concrete Flooring only requires mopping with warm soaping water at least once a week plus a regular floor polishing to maintain the gloss of the flooring.  Some people especially those skilled in design say that highly and well-polished flooring can reduce the lighting needs because this will improve natural lighting.  The existing lighting will reflect on the shiny floor which makes the area looks brighter.  This type of flooring will also not tend to chip nor dent like timber which will make this type last longer.

There are many different types of flooring which you may opt to choose in building your own place but some require high maintenance and of course additional funds.  Fortunately, polished concrete flooring has been invented which anyone can enjoy the benefits it can give.  This is now widely accepted and highly recommended by most of the designers.