Tips on How to Make your Polished Concrete Floor Look Shiny

In every household, aside from having state of the art equipment and having cozy pieces of furniture, shiny concrete floors are as equally important. In the mid-1990’s polished concrete floors were made. There is readily available polished concrete in the market these days.

Having polished concrete has many benefits. These were made not just for aesthetic purposes.  Polished concrete does not have high maintenance, easy to clean, and more sturdy. Denting or chipping of concrete flooring is not a problem unlike other floors made up of timber.  It has high coefficient friction that makes it non-slippery, unlike wooden floors. Walking or even running won’t be a problem with having polished concrete. Aside from that, when there are allergic problems with the dust mites and other triggering factor, polished concrete will be best for the family since it does not promote mold growth. It surely does help the surroundings to be clean and mite free. There are also other people that say having this kind of floor can improve natural lighting.

After a certain period of time, scratches can be seen in these floorings. This may not seem noticeable at the beginning but too much light will make it visible. It will lose its gleam and dirt will be evident since it will stick to the area where there are scratches.  To battle these off, here are a few tips to make the shimmering concrete last longer than the usual average years it is expected to last. This does not require high maintenance and does not need various types of equipment for it to be done:

a.     Always sweep the floor everyday. If possible dust mopping of the polished concrete floor will also be a good thing.

b.      Vacuum the floor mops or carpet to make sure that there will be no build up of dirt in the rags or carpets.

c.      Schedule a weekly routine of cleaning with the use of a conditioner or chemical that is specifically used to clean the polished concrete floors. These are available in the local market

d.     If a weekly clean-up cannot be done, a monthly schedule is okay. The conditioner or liquid polish to be used though must be of high quality and must last for months. This will help remove the scratches on the floor and it makes cleaning easier. In looking for these chemicals, choose the product that has lithium densifiers to achieve that shiny and new look to your floor.