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When school campuses around the world closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the video-conferencing tool Zoom became a household name practically overnight. Launched in to connect remote office workers, Zoom is now one of the go-to platforms for online learning.

Zoom’s simple setup, ability to accommodate participants at once, and low cost make it a popular option for distance learning programs. But Zoom has faced some significant privacy and security challenges, which leave schools and teachers wondering whether it’s the right tool for teaching and learning. If you’re considering using Zoom with your students, read on to learn more about its key features and how to use the tool as safely as possible. What is Zoom? How does Zoom work?

Do my students need a Zoom account to use it for class? What is Zoombombing? What are the safest settings for Zoom meetings? What can students do in Zoom? How can teachers use Zoom? What are Zoom virtual backgrounds? Should I be worried about Zoom’s privacy? Zoom is a video-chatting tool similar to Skype and Google Hangouts. You can use it to hold online больше информации, visit virtually with friends and relatives, and even join remote events like birthday parties.

For teachers, the free version of Zoom provides a suite of useful features, including the ability to host meetings with up to participants, and to allow students to wordlessly signal to the teacher that they have a question, brainstorm on a virtual whiteboard, and collaborate on projects by annotating documents on other students’ screens.

Plus Zoom has removed the minute meeting limit on free accounts for K educators. However, an upgraded version of Zoom — ideally managed by your school or district technology team — will provide additional options and control, including the ability to record, an admin dashboard, managed domains, single sign-on, and more. With any new edtech tool, it’s important that you consult your school or district administrator before jumping in.

In addition, you’ll need to make sure parents give consent for using Zoom and that they are what is zoom app for online classes – none: aware of how it’s going to be used and what protections you have in place for students. You can use almost any device, including a smartphone so long as it has a camera to download the Zoom app from the company’s Download CenteriTunes, or Google Play.

You can schedule a meeting using the app or when logged in to the web client. You enter the topic, date, time, and other info, then click “schedule” to create your meeting.

Before a session, it’s always a good idea to open the Zoom software and test your webcam and microphone to make sure they’re working to avoid technical surprises once you’re live. You can also test your internet connection by joining a test meeting if your Wi-Fi connection is unstable, you can improve what is zoom app for online classes – none: performance by connecting directly to your ethernet.

Get more tips on setting expectations and prepping students for Zoom classes. Typically, kids don’t need a Zoom account if they’re just joining a class scheduled by the teacher only meeting hosts what is zoom app for online classes – none: an account. However, teachers can restrict the session to “authorized attendees,” which requires participants either to log in to Zoom or enter a password in order to join the class. Restricting participants is a handy safety and security measure that prevents uninvited guests from gaining access.

Be aware that students under the age of 16 are not supposed to create their own Zoom accounts per Zoom’s terms of use. It’s best to talk with your school or district technology leaders to determine the best process for students to access your Zoom meetings. Zoombombing is when someone hijacks a session by displaying inappropriate material using their video camera or share-screen function.

The ease with which you can join a Zoom meeting has exposed some security weaknesses in the Zoom software, including the ability for trolls to “crash the party” with an ill-gotten meeting ID they’re not hard to find. And in the unprecedented shift to online learning during the coronavirus pandemic, it didn’t take long for student pranksters to discover the loophole created by the ability to share anything on their screens including porn to disrupt classes.

Following these issues, Zoom released a series of privacy and security measures to address them. Zoom was originally intended to be used in business settings, where most folks try their best to what is zoom app for online classes – none: professionally. Kids, not so much.

That’s why it’s really important for both teachers and students to know the best settings and features to use to boost learning and minimize disruption. Teachers can prevent Zoombombing, for example, by requiring participants to register for the meeting or use a password, and by disabling how to increase hp laptop screen brightness sharing.

Here are a few key settings for keeping the peace in class. Random meeting ID. Though you can use the same meeting ID for every class, Zoom recommends teachers use random meeting IDs which is an option when they’re creating the invitation.

It’s less convenient, but it’s more secure. Meeting password. These are turned посмотреть еще by default for education users. When a participant manually enters a meeting ID, they are prompted to enter the password. Participants can — and should — mute themselves when they’re not speaking. Teachers can also mute students individually or all at once, and can set up the meeting to automatically mute all participants upon entering.

The teacher can control whether students can chat publicly and privately during a meeting. Disable video. As a participant, you can join the meeting with audio only and then turn on the video once you’re ready. Teachers can also disable an individual participant’s video.

Nonverbal feedback. These optional little icons let students what is zoom app for online classes – none: their hands, give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down, and even let the teacher know they need a break, all without interrupting the class. Lock the meeting. Remember when your stickler-for-punctuality algebra teacher used to lock the classroom door after the bell rang? Teachers can lock a Zoom meeting so no one else can enter until the teacher personally approves them.

Waiting rooms. This is like a lobby or a velvet rope at a club: Participants are held in a virtual room, and the teacher admits them one by one to make sure no outsiders gain access. Turn off file transfer. Students can share memes, GIFs, and even quiz answers through the chat — unless the teacher disables this feature.

Besides just voice-chatting, Zoom gives students plenty of tools to interact with each other and the teacher, work together, and even break off into smaller groups — just as if they were sitting with each other in a classroom. But if teachers don’t need these capabilities for class, or if they’re causing problems, they what is zoom app for online classes – none: all be turned off.

With a little preparation what is zoom app for online classes – none: setting some norms and frontloading key digital citizenship skills — you and your students can enjoy the benefits of Zoom’s interactive features. Here’s just a sampling of what you can do if these features are enabled:. Share screen. This allows the entire class to view one person’s computer screen. Students can even annotate a document on another student’s computer. Teachers can restrict this so only the teacher’s screen can be shared.

Teachers can also disable the annotation feature so students can’t annotate. This is a brainstorming tool that lets students toss ideas around, such as for a group project. Breakout rooms. The teacher can divide students up into smaller groups, what is zoom app for online classes – none: bring the entire class back together. Teachers can pre-assign the groups before class, assign them manually during the meeting, or have Zoom randomly break students into groups. Get more information on breakout rooms here.

Raise hand, clap, disagree, speed up, slow down. These are icons students can use to let the teacher know they have a question or comment, react to something, or ask the teacher to talk faster or slower. Private chat.

Just like passing notes, students can send direct, personal messages to other kids in the class. The teacher can’t view private chats between students. The teacher can disable this feature for students. Teachers are using Zoom in different ways, depending on their skills, their students’ needs, and direction from their districts.

Here are a few specific ways teachers can use Zoom for distance learning:. Record and share lessons. Because many students do not have reliable internet at home or are sharing devices with other family members, asynchronous lessons — where students can view prerecorded lessons on their own schedules — make distance learning more equitable.

You can use the recording feature in Zoom to create video lessons, then share the videos with students to watch later. Teach live lessons. For schools and districts that have solved the technology access issuesynchronous — or live — lessons are an option. Teachers set up a regular class time on Zoom and guide students through remote learning activities. Flip the classroom.

With the “flipped” classroom model, teachers assign students new material to learn on their own videos, reading assignments, etc. Use your live Zoom classes to answer questions about what students learned, and lead them in activities to apply their new knowledge. Office hours. Some teachers are scheduling regular “office hours,” which allow students to drop in and chat informally with teachers and peers.

Circle time, story time, or show-and-tell days. For pre-K and elementary school students, teachers are using Zoom to provide continuity and community. Little ones can’t really hang with video conferencing for too long, but they do enjoy a chance to see their friends, listen to a story, and show off their toys, pets, baby sisters, and the like. Zoom offers lots of information for teachers, including step-by-step guides, webinars, video tutorials, and more.


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A full-time public school following the traditional school year. Participants can — and should — mute themselves when they’re not speaking. No matter which option you choose, you are always be able to send messages publicly to the class and privately to individual students. Restricting participants is a handy safety and security measure that prevents uninvited guests from gaining access. Instead, students can devote their attention to learning since the whiteboard can be downloaded by students for review at the end of the lesson.


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Florida Virtual School offers a variety of flexible and full-time options for students seeking online education options:. Download Brochure PDF. As a public school district in the state of Florida, Florida Virtual School offers a number of different online learning options to students. FLVS Full Time is a fully online public school requiring what is zoom app for online classes – none: take a standard public school course load of six can i have 2 zoom accounts on the same device – can i have 2 zoom accounts on the same device: per semester.

The school runs on a traditional day academic calendar August to June and serves as the school of record, managing all student transcripts and progress reports. It is open to students in Kindergartenth grade and issues diplomas to graduating high school seniors.

FLVS Flex allows students to take one or more online courses anytime during the year. It is open to homeschool students who want what is zoom app for online classes – none: customize their own schedule and curriculum or traditional students who take the majority of their courses at a public or private school.

Please note: FLVS Flex is not a school of record and does not provide proof of enrollment or issue diplomas. Transcripts are available for completed courses. We have prepared many resources to help parents in the online learning environment. Please visit our Homeschool Hub for more information to get started and check all the requirements on the Florida Department of Education website. For general tips and insights on how to make the most of learning online, please visit our award-winning Online Learning Community.

We are here to help ensure that families have choices when it comes to education. Learn more about our online learning options that are free to Kindergartenth grade students in the state of Florida.

Students that live outside Florida or the U. Read more on scholarship student requirements. All public, private, or charter school students can enroll in FLVS Flex to supplement their traditional brick-and-mortar classes with online courses. Once a student registers for online courses on FLVS.

The student’s guidance counselor will then approve the selected online courses within business days. If you have questions regarding the McKay scholarship related to the impacts of COVID, please call the school choice hotline at Please note, some accommodations may not be possible to implement in the online educational setting.

What is zoom app for online classes – none: a student has a disability or impairment, this should be indicated when prompted during the FLVS enrollment process. Students with disabilities or impairments enrolled in FLVS Flex must work with their district of enrollment to receive any necessary ESE services, related services, evaluations, annual reviews, re-evaluations, and initial eligibility determinations.

FLVS Flex does not issue diplomas. FLVS students can personalize their schedules to meet their individual needs throughout the day. For example, students can work around sports practice, schedule breaks, and arrange their own class schedules to meet their learning needs. Students work on each course at their own pace, with teacher support and guidance to help them achieve subject mastery by the end of each course.

In middle and high school, FLVS students have greater flexibility with their daily schedules what is zoom app for online classes – none: compared to a traditional school schedule, whether that is in person or online. In elementary school, FLVS students are offered more structure than upper grade levels, but students also benefit from the more flexible schedule FLVS provides. FLVS students enjoy a healthy balance between working online and completing offline projects.

On average, elementary students spend about i enter zoom meetings the same – none: percent of their time working on computer-based activities and 25 percent working on hands-on learning activities. Middle and high school students usually do more work online with fewer offline assignments.

Participation is typically at the public school to which the student would be normally assigned according to the district school board attendance area policies but could vary.

Learn more about home education student eligibility and registration through the Florida High School Athletic Association. Your counselor will then approve your selected courses within business days. Once the courses are approved, the FLVS instructional team will schedule your first Welcome Call with your new teachers! With FLVS Flex, private school students can take online courses at school читать больше at home to customize and enhance their education.

Private schools may affiliate with FLVS free of charge to offer their students the flexibility of online learning. View eligibility details here. Students who wish to only take online classes temporarily for the fall semester or the school year can easily transfer back to their brick-and-mortar school. Grades received at FLVS will be on the official student transcript.

We encourage students to fully complete their FLVS courses prior to switching schools. FLVS offers more than award-winning courses online. The courses meet all the state standards, and are available for every grade level from Kindergarten through 12th grade. The lessons focus on engagement and achievement that allow students to master key concepts. Our mastery-based learning model allows students to work at their pace, moving on only once they have mastered the content.

Students choose from a full catalog of more than online courses for grades Kindergarten— Public, private, and charter school students should also contact their school counselors for academic advice as to their academic needs. Public, charter, and private school students temporarily enrolled due to COVID should check with their school of record to see if there are course completion deadlines that have to be met. Homeschooling parents set course completion deadlines for their students while following district guidelines for annual can a zoom meeting without signing up – none:. All Florida Virtual School courses are taught by dedicated Florida state-certified teachers who are specifically trained how much does a salesforce make teach in the online learning environment.

FLVS has more than 2, virtual teachers from across Florida and an instructional model built on more than 22 years of successful online teaching. FLVS students receive personalized instruction and support from all of their teachers. FLVS teachers frequently communicate with students and parents through email, calls, and text messaging, and are available Monday through Friday for personalized support.

All new courses start with an introductory Welcome Call from the course teacher to get the student oriented to the new learning environment. You can also send us a message or call Course options with flexible start dates, available year round. A full-time public school following the traditional school year. Enrollment is open for the school year. FLVS courses available through your school district. For K-5 check with your county for availability.

Online School Options Florida Virtual School offers a variety of flexible and full-time options for students seeking online education options: FLVS Flex : Flexible online course options for students currently enrolled in traditional school or students registered as homeschool students. Global School : Tuition-based online course options for non-Florida residents.

Which Option is Right for You? Learn more here. I am new to homeschooling online. How can FLVS help? How can my child take courses with FLVS? Do what is zoom app for online classes – none: have to withdraw from their brick-and-mortar school to take an FLVS online course? What if my child has a McKay scholarship? Will high school seniors receive a diploma from their brick-and-mortar school if they temporarily transfer to FLVS Flex?

Is there an info session I can attend? We have recorded info sessions you can view on your own schedule. How much time will my child be spending at the computer each day? Can my child still play school sports if enrolled in FLVS classes? How long does it take what is zoom app for online classes – none: enroll with FLVS?

Enrollment is self-paced with guided information to help you along each step of the process. Be sure to check your email for notifications on the status of your FLVS Full Time application during open enrollment periods. Are there eligibility requirements what is zoom app for online classes – none: private school or special needs students?

Which courses are available through FLVS? Who creates FLVS courses? How do they work? FLVS develops its own rigorous, award-winning curriculum that features: Interactive Lessons and Modules Videos Written Lessons Assessments, Quizzes, and Exams The lessons focus on engagement and achievement that allow students to master key concepts. Which courses could my child take through FLVS? Do students need to complete their FLVS course s what is zoom app for online classes – none: a certain date?

Who teaches FLVS courses? Still have questions? Learn how to enroll in Flex Grades K Learn how to enroll in Grades K


Using Zoom for online teaching | Online og Blended Learning – Related Posts


Zoom has grown exponentially since December when the outbreak of Covid prompted businesses and schools to switch to work-from-home or remote learning.

As a video conferencing platform, Zoom serves an array of purposes from cllasses meetings to webinars to online lessons.

With users turning to Zoom for such a broad range of activities, it is important to consider the pros and cons of using Zoom for teaching. How appropriate is Zoom as a vehicle for online learning? As educators, you may require your students to present their work to the rest of the class for a live review. On Zoom, the most common method to do so is through screen sharing. On other video conferencing platforms, students send a PDF or image of the worked solutions to the teacher.

The teacher then screen основываясь на этих данных that piece of work and annotates it in an online lesson.

This process can be tedious and may result in time wasted fumbling around with the technical controls. This feature is convenient as teachers can interject and begin marking up the screen in response to the work that students share. When scheduling Zoom sessions, teachers will typically send claxses link to a scheduled Zoom session to students. Students can then xpp join the Zoom lesson without signing in with a registered Zoom account. If teachers wish to speed up the administrative process for students to participate in what is zoom app for online classes – none: online lesson, they can also opt to disable password protection.

This function wont my snap camera on zoom useful when managing a meeting that comprises over a hundred participants. Zoom also has onlije whiteboard function that educators can activate for an online lesson. The whiteboard on zoom offers users the basic options of a pen tool or a text box. An iconic feature of Zoom is its gallery view.

Most video conferencing /20859.txt feature calls obline the active speaker i. However, Zoom enables the user to toggle between the active speaker and gallery view. By giving users the choice to view all the participants in the call, onlnie gallery view is more intimate and thus better resembles physical meetings.

Zoombombers are people who enter Zoom calls uninvited. Without enabling the password feature, a link is all that participants need to join Zoom conferences. For instance, the Singaporean government ceased the use knline Zoom for online lessons after zoombombers entered the online Zoom class of year-old students and began what is zoom app for online classes – none: lewd content. With this flexibility in security features, parents may not feel at ease with their children using Zoom for online classs.

Even if teachers are required to set a password for zoomm Zoom lesson, the freedom to toggle it on and off may still result in instances where teachers slip up on enabling password access.

Previously, we discussed how Zoom offers teachers the ability to mark up the screens of students. However, this system also poses a problem when teachers run out of space to annotate. Therefore, annotations have to be erased before /564.txt lesson continues. When teachers run out of whiteboard space, everything that has been written on the screen will also have to be erased.

Teachers cannot shift to a different section of the whiteboard or create a second whiteboard to continue writing. Zoom is an excellent video conferencing platform that caters to general purposes.

Similar to Zoom, HeyHi has video conferencing functions as well. What sets HeyHi apart is its interface. When students enter an online lesson on HeyHi, they immediately see a gridded whiteboard that /15592.txt much of the screen. The video images of wnat teachers what is zoom app for online classes – none: classmates are positioned on the right margin of the screen. With this design, students are likely to be more focused on the concepts that are illustrated on the online whiteboard, not the faces of their classmates and teachers.

As mentioned earlier, a major plus point for Zoom is that users can annotate on the screen share of other participants. However, these annotations do not move as the screen changes and will classe to be erased as the class moves along. HeyHi solves this problem with an expandable whiteboard. Zpom of sharing their screens, students can upload PDFs or images of their work to the online whiteboard. Teachers can then annotate on these static images.

When teachers run can zoom pictures on apple watch of whiteboard space, they can shift to another section of the board with the swipe of a finger. Students will no longer have to rush to copy notes as the teacher annotates on the online whiteboard. Instead, students can devote their attention to learning since the whiteboard can be downloaded by students for review at the end of the lesson.

On HeyHi, the system allocates meeting IDs and access codes that cannot be disabled by the host. The system also regularly prompts hosts what is zoom app for online classes – none: to reuse their existing sessions. While it may be a hassle for some, id that HeyHi was designed with educators in mind.

These features are additional layers of protection for students to learn in a safe and secure online environment. This article has listed some ojline the advantages and disadvantages of using Zoom for onlime lessons:. Zoom is a powerful tool for hosting video conferences with large groups of people. However, we zoo, that a video conferencing platform with an educational slant is more ideal for online lessons. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Annotate on screen wyat As educators, you may require your students to present their work to the rest of the class for a live ia.

Photo by Zoom. Gif created by the writer with imgPlay. Gallery view on Zoom. Fpr by HeyHi. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply What is zoom app for online classes – none: email address will not be published.