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Zoom h5 vs h6 reddit – none:

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The Zoom Fseries and the Sound Devices mixPre series both handle timecode and are only a small price bump, but of TC is a non-issue then H6 all. Zoom H6 really only offers a fancy screen, 2 more rec tracks, and a couple small features. In terms of quality the H5 has been fantastic, I get.


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Sep 13,  · However, the H6 has a longer battery life–this recorder can run for up to 21 hours with fresh batteries. The H5 can run up to 15 hours. While this is still impressive, it’s still significantly shorter than the battery life of the H6. The Winner: We think the Zoom H6 wins this one thanks to its longer battery life. Sep 15,  · None of these Zoom recorders has internal storage. Instead, the recordings are stored on SD cards. The H5 and H4n Pro take cards with up to 32GB of storage whereas the H6 can accommodate an SD card which stores up to a massive GB of data. As a quick side note, larger SD cards tend to slow down the start-up of the H4n Pro quite significantly. Nov 13,  · After some time I sold the H5 and got the H4n Pro. It has the same preamps as the H5/6 and a dedicated multi-track mode which makes it better for my purposes. They’re all pretty easy to use and well built. The main compelling reason to go for the H6 I think would be if you need all four XLR inputs. Reactions.